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PMC's 64 Slice CT Scanners

Pikeville Medical Center has added new technology to its radiology department that will improve the process of CT scans by great margins. The new 64-slice Siemens SOMATOM Sensation Scanners have replaced the 2 16 slice scanners used in the past.

Department employee, Kelly Conley, RT(R)(M)(CT), says the best way to sum up what this new piece of equipment means to the public is that it will be much faster. For physicians, an improvement in image quality is near the top on the benefit list.

Much of the frustration in dealing with scans is in the patients need to remain very still during the process. The 64-slice scanners will help in this respect through an innovative jump in technology, Conley says.

"It's going to be a lot faster," Conley said shortly after the scanner was brought in the department. "And that's going to be something everybody can benefit from."

See for yourself! Click here to see thestunning images made possible with the new 64 slice CT scanner.

In addition to being faster,thesearethe world's first CT scanners able to take 192 images of the heart per second. Being scanned by these devicesisa non-invasive, virtually pain-free procedure that offers exceptional image quality, which can mean better diagnosis, faster recovery time and increased patient comfort and convenience, maker's say.

These new possibilities, combined with the improved comfort level, mean that patients may be able to avoid potential surgeries which are perhaps not needed through study of the scans. It also would require patients to hold their breath for shorter periods of time. For example, a scan of blood vessels in a patient's heart will now mean the patient will have to hold their breath for only nine seconds, rather than 17 seconds with the 16-slice equipment. The time from scan to diagnosis, according to manufacturers, will take as little as 10 minutes in some cases.

"Our new CT scanners provide us with outstanding diagnostic information by enabling us to perform multi-slice CT on a routine basis and our department is very excited about this new advanced scanning capability," said Dr. Alex Poulos, a radiologist at PMC. "This technology will allow us to give state of the art image quality as well as increased lesion detection. The 64-slice CT scanners reduce the radiation dose to the patient compared to older technology. As a whole, the system allows us to take care of our patients in an efficient and friendly environment."

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