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The Leonard Lawson Cancer Center (LLCC) is a full-service facility providing state-of-the-art cancer treatment and follow-up care at a regional level. Staffed by expert oncologists, nurses, pharmacists, patient navigators and many other highly-trained healthcare professionals, LLCC provides quality care close to home. LLCC is a free-standing facility with convenient parking to better serve patients.

We proudly offer:

  • Medical Oncology
  • Hematology
  • Gynecological Oncology
  • Radiation Therapy 7 Days a Week
  • Infusion Service 7 Days a Week
  • On-Site Biopsies & Surgical Services
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Palliative Care
  • Patient Navigation
  • Financial Counseling
  • Oncology & Hematology Services available in Whitesburg & Grundy


Receive expert care in a comfortable, spacious environment featuring:

  • 19 infusion chairs
  • Private Rooms with Full Reclining Hospital Beds Available
  • Personal Televisions
  • Wireless Internet

Radiation Oncology

Pikeville Medical Center made an investment valued at $10 million to purchase two RapidArc™ linear accelerators to treat cancer patients.

Pikeville Medical Center’s Leonard Lawson Cancer Center (LLCC) has commenced treating cancer patients with RapidArc™ radiotherapy technology, a fast, precise form of treatment using advanced technology from Varian Medical Systems. The new RapidArc™ treatment is two to eight times faster than conventional forms of radiotherapy.

LLCC’s RapidArc™ radiotherapy treatment is delivered with just a single rotation of the treatment machine around the patient. During that rotation, the treatment beam is continually shaped and reshaped according to the size, shape, and position of the tumor within the body.

The beam shaping is accomplished using a device called a multi-leaf collimator (MLC). This device has 120 computer-controlled mechanical “leaves” or “fingers” that move to create openings of different shapes and sizes. During a RapidArc™ treatment, specialized software varies three variables simultaneously: the speed of rotation around the patient, the shape of the beam, and the dose delivery rate.


Because cancer is such a complex disease, each patient will go through a variety of diagnostic procedures before, during and after treatment. Diagnostic procedures conducted during treatment are coordinated by the cancer center staff so the patient will receive minimal disruption of treatment. Diagnostic services including surgery, pathology, diagnostic radiology, CT scans, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, PET scans and laboratory tests are performed at Pikeville Medical Center.

Pain Management

Cancer patients do not have to suffer from the pain of their disease. Pain management is another facet of the comprehensive care provided at the Leonard Lawson Cancer Center. A pain management clinic is located on the riverfill (click for a map)for the purpose of aiding cancer patients and others with chronic pain conditions with the pain they may experience from the disease.

Gynecological Oncology Specialist

PMC now has a Gynecological Oncologist dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological cancers. (Click here for more information on this new service).

Support Services

Patient and family support services are available through Pikeville Medical Center. Nutritional training, physical therapy, social services, wig and turban programs, and financial counseling are just some of the special support services available.

Additionally, support groups meet each month for patients and their families to draw strength from others who are expecting similar situations. For information on the ABC (After Breast Cancer) or LLCC Cancer Support Group, contact the Programs Coordinator at (606) 218-4992.

When You Arrive

The Leonard Lawson Cancer Care Center has its own central registration area. Please check in with the patient interviewer when you arrive.

We Want to Help

It is the goal of the Leonard Lawson Cancer Care Center's staff to treat every patient respectfully. We also want to make each visit as easy, uncomplicated and comfortable as possible. If there is anything we can do to assist you, please let us know.

How to Reach Us

Leonard Lawson Cancer Center: 606-218-1000

In case of an emergency, please go immediately to the Pikeville Medical Center Emergency Room and the staff will contact your doctor.

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Our mission is to provide quality regional health care in a Christian environment.

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