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Emergency Department

Department Statistics

  • $10 million investment
  • Dedicated 320 slice CT scanner on-site
  • 40 available beds
  • Physiological monitoring in every room
  • 2 trauma capable bays
  • 3 triage bays
  • Flat-screen 32" TV in every room
  • Digital X-ray on-site
  • Complete Electronic Medical Records system increases efficiency and decreases wait times
  • Physician & Staff management system also to increase efficiency

PMC's Emergency Department, a $10 million investment and 23,000 square foot addition to the hospital, provides patients with a more comfortable environment, reduces time spent waiting to see a doctor, and, ultimately, saves lives.

PMC’s Emergency Department is certainly one of the busiest in the state with approximately 45,000 patient visits per year. In March of 2012, the Emergency Department expanded again with the addition of 9 additional beds bringing the total to 40 monitored beds.

State-of-the-art technology
PMC's E.D. includes two trauma bays, three triage bays, physiological monitoring in every room and on-site digital x-rays and CT Scans.  In fact, the E.D.'s new dedicated 320 slice scanner is one of the most advanced available. The department is now a better equipped facility, offering quicker response times, much faster access to CT scans and a quicker turnaround on lab work.

Regular Disaster Drills
Our staff participates in regular local disaster drills. These highly coordinated and realistic events approximate large scale disasters and serve to help locate and eliminate potential problems in responding effectively when disaster really does strike. These drills help keep our staff better prepared and trained to act when the call for help comes.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
PMC's EMR system helps record and locate patient records quickly and efficiently, meaning decreased wait times.

“This Emergency Department is committed to providing high quality care,” said the Medical Director of the Emergency Department. “In fact, our vision statement is to advance the quality of emergency health care in eastern Kentucky, and we are going to accomplish that goal as we continue to move forward. To provide the highest quality care for this area is why we are here I am really glad to be a part of PMC’s Emergency Department.”

Michelle Rainey, the Nursing Director of the Emergency Department, introduced a new directive called “direct to bed mode” which allows patients to be immediately taken to beds (when available) instead of the triage area for registration.

“Our goal is quality care and we are focused on getting the patients in and out quickly,” Rainey said.

“We have more than 2,400 employees who try to live our mission statement daily … providing quality regional healthcare in a Christian environment. These efforts really say something about our hospital and the efforts of the staff,” COO Juanita Deskins said.

And who gets credit for PMC having an emergency department that is the size, the scope and the quality of this one?

“It’s the Lord God almighty,” PMC's President and CEO Walter E. May said. “If He doesn’t bless this institution, we don’t amount to anything.

“So many doors have opened for this hospital that this is the only explanation for our growth.”


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